Marc & Mentat

Marc is a powerful, general-purpose, nonlinear finite element analysis solver. Marc's versatility in modeling nonlinear material behaviors and transient environmental conditions makes it ideal to solve your complex design problems. With its innovative technologies, Marc enables you to simulate complex real world behavior of mechanical systems to address your manufacturing and design problems.
Nonlinear and Multiphysics Solution Schemes
- Material, geometric, boundary condition (contact), Thermal,
Forming processes, Electromagnetics, Piezoelectric, Electrical-
Thermal-Mechanical, Electrostatic and Magnetostatic, and more
Nonlinear Materials to simulate Reality
Superior Failure and Damage Analysis
Contact Analysis for efficient and easy to use Assembly Analysis
Adaptive Remeshing for Improved Convergence
Parallel Processing for Accelerated Product Designs
Integrated Pre-/Post-Processing for Ease of Use