Offer world class CAE simulation tools to product developers, engineering communities and manufacturers. Further, integration and automation of tools to build efficient workflows, knowledge capturing, simulation data management and design optimization processes.

Aage Torvund, M.Sc
General Manager
Mr. Torvund, the founder of the company has more than 30 years of experience in the CAE industry. He started his career with pioneering FEA based design and engineering methods on gravity based offshore oil production platforms, installed in the North Sea in the 70s - 80s. In 1982 he founded the company OTD&C AS building competence and offered engineering methods and simulation software to the offshore industry. In 1987 the company was selected the exclusive Nordic representative for MSC Corporation, the world leading company in the CAE industry. In 1996 the company was aquired by MSC and Mr. Torvund became the Country Manager for the Nordic operation. For 10 years in this position he built a strong customer base for MSC in the Nordic Automotive, Aerospace and General Machinery sectors. Mr. Torvund holds an M.Sc. from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - he is a member of the Nordic NAFEMS steering committe.